How to make it

Let us tell you how you can transform the curd. First of all, you can select it both fresh and frozen. Obviously, the product preparation method changes according to that, since it has to be kept at a certain temperature.
Afterwards, there are two possible paths: either mould it by hand or use a machinery. This product is suitable for both solutions, it’s up to you choosing the one you prefer. Certainly, we will look after you giving our best advice! On request, we can send to our customers our manufacturing protocols, so you just need to contact us.
As for the cutting-edge machinery, above all the most compact ones,we collaborate with the most important Italian manufacturing companies and therefore we can guide and help you start working with them.

The buffalo curd itself will be customised according to your needs.
Thank you!

Our Idea

Sì Cheese offers to the market a new production way of the mozzarella...

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Product Specifications

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