The idea

Introduce to the market a new way to produce mozzarella, keeping unchanged raw material quality and the flavours of the final product.

«We have created Si Cheese with the goal of producing and trading buffalo milk curd»

Our Story

We are like dwarfs on the shoulders of giants!
Bernardo di Chartres

This is a young company run by young people, belonging to a centuries-old, DOP certified buffalo mozzarella producing heritage.
Over the last few years we have come back to the territory where we were born, bringing with us the added value of expertise and the desire to develop the craftsmanship of our fathers.

Our vision: to create a cutting-edge productive and business company, but built on tradition

Our Company

Where and how we produce?

In the gorgeous setting of the Gargano National Park, an area where the DOP buffalo mozzarella production has remained unchanged and uncontaminated over time.

Our buffalo curd is created in an ancient typical masseria in Puglia.
Tradition mingles with the modernity of our production site, equipped with the most advanced technologies.

Milk comes directly from our buffalo breeds and from selected stables of our territory: only DOP certified milk for our product.

Product Specifications

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Produce fresh buffalo mozzarella for your restaurant or shop

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